Hawk Support Team

 Our customer success team has set the industry bar to its highest level with comprehensive and complete support.

Our staff includes over 150+ years of law enforcement experience and has consistently earned a 100% approval rating from our user base. 

Customer Testimonials


“CellHawk Support is TOP NOTCH!!! I have never had such amazing, thorough, and quick support.”

“Your support is the real diamond of your product. CDRs are all different and having experts help with unique situations makes my company successful. As a consultant I can only know so much; but having a whole team of experts who do this everyday makes me look 10X better. I’m successful because of CellHawk.”

“Time and again, CellHawk customer support has been amazingly helpful  – inclusive of the various team members that I’ve encountered. As an investigator and end user of the software, the staff has consistently been patient, educated me, and understood what I needed from the records. Thank you, Hawk Support!”

“CellHawk should get out of the analytical business and into the customer service/support business. It is beyond a breath of fresh air to be able to call someone and within a minute get a real person that understands the software and issues to help you, not just someone that is going down a checklist who has no clue how the software works. I could go on and on but that is easily the best service I have received since I can remember. Well done!!”

 Hawk Toolbox

The Hawk Toolbox is a free resource designed to assist the cellular technology investigative community. It is available to anyone that works with cell phones, call detail records, or for those who simply wish to stay up to date with all things relevant to the cellular technology field.

Hawk Toolbox Resources

Phone Lookup Tool

Free reverse phone lookup resource.


Legal Process Templates

Preservation letters, search warrants, Google reverse location search, and more.

Carrier Information

Contact information, retention periods, and return interpretation.


CellHawk Documentation

Self-service help materials for our customers.

News & Events

Up-to-date information related to cellular technology.


Legal Reference Library

Documents, opinions, and court cases related to the use of cell phone evidence.

Emergency Exigent Support

Hawk Analytics provides free cell phone location analysis in missing persons and other exigent law enforcement situations. Our subject matter experts are available 24/7/365.

Phone: 469-373-4295 (Option 4)