Professional Services

Our Professional Services network of very experienced and qualified subject matter experts will provide clear and accurate analyses of your case data through professionally created reports and visual aids.


Expert Witness

Strengthen your court case with cellular technology analysis demonstratives and testimony. Our professional services bench of subject matter experts is deep and have successfully testified in hundreds of cases throughout the country in local, state, and federal courts.


A quality easy-to-understand map is necessary for the success of your case at all investigative stages. Let our seasoned team of subject matter experts create compelling static and animated maps specific to the needs of your investigation.


Peer Review

Be confident in your call detail record analysis by utilizing one of our experts to review and verify your findings. Our assessment will alert you to any potential issues and provide recommendations on how to avoid defense objections.

Investigative Analysis

From start to finish or at any point in between, our team can join your team to assist or handle your cellular technology investigation.  We will help identify any information gaps and fill them in; this results in an exact presentation of the facts.

Be Confident, Be Accurate. 

Our Experts, Your Team.


– Testified successfully in 100’s of cases nationwide  

– Conducted 1,000’s of hours of casework

– Executed using signature 6×5 testimony methodology

*Available to Civil and Criminal Cases; not available for Criminal Defense Cases.


Hawk Analytics Testifies in Kidnapping Case 

CONWAY. SC – Founder & CEO of Hawk Analytics, Mike Melson, assisted the Horry County prosecution team in closing a national recognized kidnapping case with a guilty verdict. Mike’s testimony was considered key in the case.

He detailed how cellular records clearly showed communications between the victim and the suspect. Using CellHawk, Mike was able to demonstrate the victim and suspect’s phones in the same location prior to the victim’s disappearance. His ability to show a pattern of communication and the locations of those calls helped convince the jury of the suspect’s involvement. 

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Photo credit: WFMB