Due to customer request, support for Sprint’s PCMD file has been reinstated in CellHawk.  When CellHawk detects a Sprint PCMD file, you will see the following disclaimer:


Please be advised there are known issues with Sprint PCMD data. These issues make it impossible to correctly determine time zones and/or azimuths for some records.

CellHawk can make a “best effort” to properly map your data but due to the issues within the original data itself cannot guarantee the results.

By clicking “Continue” you acknowledge you are aware of these issues and would still like to continue.

For more information, please contact Hawk Support (support@hawkanalytics.com)

As stated in the caution message, there are still known issues in how Sprint provides the cell location information within the file. When mapping the records, there is a risk that the cell locations on the map are not an accurate reflection of the cell sites used by the device. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and ask that you contact Sprint directly to encourage them to provide enough detailed information in the file to accurately map the records.

Please contact Hawk Support with any questions you may have at support@hawkanalytics.com or 469-373-4295, Option 1.