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Hawk Analytics knows your cases don’t always only involve traditional call detail records. Specialized location returns can play a major part in creating a case and enhancing your analysis. That is why we will strive to give you the most up to date autoload capabilities. Less excel work, more casework!

In our newest release you will find:

  • Support for Google Location History returns
  • Support for Uber Location  returns
  • Support for T-Mobile UMTS TrueCall files
  • Support for T-Mobile LTE TrueCall files
  • Support for T-Mobile GSM Cell Site List (as downloaded from NDCAC)
  • Support for T-Mobile UMTS Cell Site List (as downloaded from NDCAC)

All of our users always run the latest version of CellHawk – never any software to update!

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Did You Know?

CellHawk and the Opioid Crisis

Do you have an opioid crisis in your jurisdiction? Do you have overdose victims and are unable to identify their drug sources? Try viewing victims records a new way with CellHawk!

Here’s how it works – Whenever you have an overdose victim, use our preservation letter and search warrant templates found on Support@Hawk to ensure you are getting the most out of your returns. We recommend requesting 60-90 days of records prior to the overdose.  The goal in this sort of investigation is to use call detail records to establish who your victim may have bought their narcotics from.

Once you receive the records, create a case in CellHawk dedicated to overdose victim’s records. As you receive the returns from the carrier, upload them into your case. Using CellHawk’s link analysis tool, you will easily and quickly be able to identify common numbers between your victims, which can serve as the lead that results in the apprehension of drug dealers.

There are several agencies already using CellHawk to fight the crisis in their cities. If you have any questions about using this technique contact our support staff by emailing support@hawkanalytics.com.

If you are not a CellHawk user would like to try this innovative technique for your overdose cases please contact us HERE to get a 30-day free trial.

Education Corner

The Importance of Using a Preservation Letter

Many times in investigations, investigators will ask the providers for specialized reports such as PCMD, RTT, TrueCall, and NELOS. But sometimes the probable cause for a search warrant hasn’t been developed until weeks or months after the crime has been committed. By that time, some of these reports will no longer be available to you. These specialized reports have been key in solving crimes when the normal CDRs did not provide much value. That is why it is extremely important when a suspect phone number has been identified to send the preservation letter to their carrier as soon as possible.

Here are some examples of record retention schedules from the providers:

AT&T NELOS: 90 days

Sprint PCMD (LTE/EVDO): 10 – 14 days

Sprint PCMD (Voice): 90 days

T-Mobile TrueCall: 90 days

US Cellular RTT Data: 3 days

Verizon RTT Data: 5 – 7 days

Verizon SMS Content: 3 – 5 days

Here at CellHawk we make writing a preservation letter written simple! Visit our free resource Support@Hawk and use our phone search tool to query the number you are interested in. We will identify the current carrier of the number for you! To generate the request click on the preservation letter template. A preservation letter will be automatically generated and will have all of the most up to date language to ensure you get the most out of your legal process – you only have to input a start date and end date.

With a few clicks, you have generated a preservation letter for your case and saved valuable data!

Case of the Quarter

Fayette County (GA) Sheriff’s Office Uses CellHawk to Arrest & Convict Three Murder Suspects

In June of 2017, a 74 year old Fayette County resident was brutally stabbed to death in front of his wife inside of their home. The three men fled the scene after stealing family’s vehicle.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and immediately sent out a BOLO for the stolen vehicle. Shortly after a Fayette County Deputy spotted the vehicle driving away from the scene. The deputy initiated a pursuit where speeds of 130 miles per hour were reached. The pursuit was terminated when the suspects wrecked the vehicle and fled on foot.

Shortly after the wreck a Lyft driver approached the perimeter of the scene and told Fayette County Deputies that she was there for a pickup. The Lyft driver’s vehicle closely resembled the Sheriff’s own vehicle so they used his vehicle in place of the Lyft vehicle. Law enforcement then drove to the pick-up location where one of the suspects was waiting. The suspect was taken into custody.  A few hours later the second suspect was found and the third was found a few days later.

To build their case Captain Ethon Harper obtained the call detail records of all the suspect’s phones and used CellHawk to map and analyze their whereabouts leading up to and on the day of the murder. By using CellHawk, Captain Harper was able to quickly conclude that these suspects were not from Fayette County but instead spent most of their time in Dekalb County and in the city of Atlanta.

On the night of the murder, the phones belonging to the suspects deviated from their normal pattern and instead registered in the immediate area of the crime scene. Captain Harper was able to use animation and screenshots from CellHawk to show the movements and locations of the phones. Along with text message content obtained from the physical devices, this became a key piece of evidence to show their involvements in the crimes.

In May 2018 all three men were found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. The three men entered non-negotiated guilty pleas to an indictment which charged them with multiple counts of malice murder, felony murder, home invasion, armed robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, firearm charges, burglary, and theft by taking.

We here at Hawk Analytics would like to congratulate Captain Ethon Harper and the rest of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office on the arrest and prosecution of these individuals. We are thankful we could help bring justice to a heinous crime.

If you have a case where you used CellHawk and would like to be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters, please email us at info@hawkanalytics.com


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Meet a Hawk Member

Our customers are a part of our Hawk family and we feel it’s important you know the people you speak with on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on the high caliber and professionalism of our employees. One of our members is Curtis Summers, our Senior Software Developer.

Curtis attended Baylor University where he earned his degree in Computer Science. During his career, Curtis has spent 20+ years building software solutions for higher education establishments, the oil and gas industry, small businesses, and high-tech startups. He specializes in databases, geospatial/mapping technologies, and web application development.

Currently, Curtis is the primary software developer on our team. He is responsible for the day to day maintenance of CellHawk and ensuring that it is always operating at max ability. With Curtis’ extensive knowledge and expertise, he has been instrumental in the recent updates to the CellHawk software. He is definitely one of our top “brains behind the operation!”

Let’s all say welcome to Mr. Curtis Summers!





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