November 18-22, 2019

Hawk Analytics will be teaching our Cellular Technology, Mapping and Analysis and CellHawk Product Training classes in Miramar, FL. Now a 40 hour course!

The first three days will focus on understanding how the cellular systems work and will provide an in-depth look into the cellular networks. Students will learn about the technology that creates the Call Detail Records (CDR) and why they are so critical to your investigations, how to obtain the CDRs, understanding and interpreting the CDRs, and how to use the CDRs during your investigations.  Additional topics include advanced analysis of Network Event Location System (NELOS) and Per Call Measurement Data (PCMD) records, a review of tower dumps, and how to testify in Court.

The last two days will focus on using the full power of CellHawk to quickly get as many answers as possible from your CDRs.  Everything from working with the Case Manager and uploading Files, working with cell site lists, using the map features to include animation of the CDRs, using the link analysis tool, generating reports and exporting data, will all be covered.

Both sessions will include a review of several case studies along with hands-on work with actual case data.


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