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Cellular Technology, Mapping & Analysis
Law Enforcement Only


December 5 - December 9

This class is the Hawk Analytics flagship training course covering an in-depth review of the cellular technology infrastructure from basic to advanced topics as well as a complete review of CellHawk.  This class is designed for those investigators and analysts who have a basic understanding of cellular technology and may have already been using CellHawk in their casework. We will go deeper into the cellular technology and variety of records, as well as more hands-on labs and different types of records. You do not need to be a CellHawk customer to attend this class.

Students will be provided CellHawk training accounts to be used during the class, along with an e-student folder with handouts, labs, useful links and a PDF e-Book.

Instructors will cover the following topics:

  • Accurate knowledge of the cellular technology
  • How to legally obtain service provider records
  • Open Source and law enforcement investigative resources
  • Obtaining access to the NDCAC and how to use the Cell Site Database
  • How to submit your legal demands to all the major carriers
  • In-depth review of all the records from the major carriers
  • Review of Exigent record request process
  • How to correctly read the provider records
  • Specialized Location Records (RTT, PCMD, NELOS/LOCDBOR, TDOA)
  • Data and IP sessions records
  • How to get all possible answers from the data
  • How to verify your work (hand mapping)
  • In-depth review of all features In CellHawk
  • Several labs & case studies will be reviewed
  • In-depth review of Google records, from subscriber data to geofencing
  • Requesting and examining tower dumps
  • Introduction to testimony
  • Building blocks of location testimony
  • How to document your work
  • How to testify to your work
  • Testimony best practices and courtroom presentation
  • Direct and Cross Examination
  • Mock trial

Course Flyer

Recommended Computer Requirements

  • Windows based computer recommended
  • Latest version of Google Earth Pro installed
  • PowerPoint 2013 (or newer) installed
  • Excel 2010 (or newer) installed
  • USB/wireless mouse recommended
  • Computer camera or webcam
  • A second screen / monitor
  • Earphones / microphone

Cost: $995 per Attendee

Person Registering Student(s):
(e.g. training coordinator, supervisor, etc…)

Class Attendee:


December 5
December 9