For Immediate Release 3/18/2020


Nicole Poser  –Dir of Business Operations

Hawk Analytics, Inc.


Bartonville, TX: The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way the law enforcement community looks at first responder and citizen safety health measures. Every tool they can leverage has become that much more important. Maps are an effective tool to keep public servants aware of any health threats around them as they continue to serve the community during a time of social distancing and potential civil unrest. Analyzing and mapping geolocated records, address marker lists, cellular service provider data, and outlined geographic areas can be useful visuals to enhance overall situational awareness for law enforcement.

Hawk Analytics Inc. has a long history of providing assistance in unprecedented and emergency circumstances and has offered their expertise to any agency who feels they would benefit from incorporating cellular data or location-based analysis into their efforts. When incorporating information from intelligence centers, local and national health authorities, or medical facilities these visual aids can be used as powerful decision-making tools for community leaders.

CellHawk is a secure, web-based software that combines cellular engineering experience with a clear understanding of investigators’ needs that is used by hundreds of agencies across the country.  Under the lens of the current pandemic, the company has made their support team of industry Subject Matter Experts available, in hopes of inspiring the law enforcement community to find creative and innovative ways to use cellular and geo-located data sets to help combat the spread of COVID-19 across the nation.


For the CDC’s Guidance for Law Enforcement please follow click here