On 06/12/17 at approximately 12:30 am, Culver City Police Officers responded to a radio call of a burglary alarm at Bevmo, located at 5634 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City.

Upon arrival, Officers learned that the front window had been smashed, and a likely burglary had occurred.

Additional officers arrived at the scene, and a lengthy pursuit occurred involving multiple CCPD Officers and the suspect vehicle (Dodge minivan; rental vehicle) covering approximately seventeen miles throughout West Los Angeles into LAPD jurisdiction. Three suspects ran from the vehicle following the pursuit, and all three suspects were eventually arrested near the area where the pursuit ended.

One cell phone was recovered from one of the suspects, who helped Investigators identify additional suspects phone numbers involved in the Culver City crime and other burglaries. CCPD Investigators learned that this “crew” of suspects was likely responsible for dozens of burglaries involving Bevmo locations all over the state of California.

Having used CellHawk for the past couple years, CCPD Investigators obtained warrants for more than ten different phone numbers; all of which were believed to be possible conspirators involved in the ongoing burglaries involving Bevmo locations dating back to late 2015. Once phone records were obtained and input into CellHawk, CCPD Investigators were able to confirm the whereabouts of at least one or more of the involved conspirators as having tower hits at or near sixty-four (64) burglaries within seven different states.

“Without the cell phone record data, and the user-friendly platform CellHawk provides, it goes without saying that virtually all of these burglaries would have remained unsolved without CellHawk and its capabilities.”

– Investigator Ryan Thompson, Culver City PD