Classroom Courses

Cellular Technology, Mapping & Analysis Training

Join top cellular expert instructors for an immersive in-person or online virtual experience. Our comprehensive training is a unique combination of lectures, practicums, case studies, and interactive dialogue.

Leave the course with the ability to effectively analyze, explain, and display your call detail record returns.

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Key Topics

Accurate Knowledge of Cellular Technology

Network Components & Technology Standards


Best Practices to Obtain Provider Data

Basic Reports

AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint & Verizon

Advanced Reports


Advanced Technology

Call Processing Logic & Drive Test


Advanced Answers in Reports

Common Numbers, Hot Lists & Pattern of Life

Trends in the Industry

Google Geofence, Social Media, Tower Dumps & 5G


Introduction to Testimony

Fundamentals & Best Practices

Real World Practicums

Case Studies & Labs

Student Testimonials

May 2020 Student

“I’m sold on CellHawk!  Frankly, hand analysis and preparation for trial is obsolete; although, it remains as a useful and necessary method for checks and balances.  The Hawk team is proving to me that it’s a valuable resource to law enforcement and I will not only try to find ways to use it more often, I will be a strong voice and advocate for it in my local law enforcement community.”

June 2020 Student

“Without a doubt the folks at Hawk Analytics are extremely knowledgeable, and fully experienced in the field of cell tower forensics. Scott and Tom combined to provide us with the best training experiences of my professional training life. I now feel confident in moving forward using what I have learned this past week.”

August 2020 Student

“It is incredible the amount that you guys are willing to help with cases.  You guys did a great job of explaining a pretty complex topic.  Before this class I did not know very much about how cellular networks work.  Now I feel like I have a working understanding of it.”

October 2020 Student

“Both Tom and Scott were absolutely fantastic. Courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.   A++”

February 2021 Student

“Great job. Both instructors brought great insight and experience. I have attended this course in the past, but learned new things! I would recommend this course to any detective / investigator that is involved in working cases involving cell phones / technology.”

November 2020 Student

“The knowledge and experience by all 3 instructors is amazing. Hearing lessons learned from experts such as the instructors helps me understand best practices I should follow and common pitfalls. Plus this is cool stuff. I’m so happy to have attended the class.”

October 2020 Student

“Having this online must have been challenging and a lot of work to put together for your team.  You guys did well, just awesome and it was one of the best classes I have attended that covered this topic. You guys make this fun and easy to learn.”

February 2021 Student

“Thanks for making a great product and supporting it with knowledgeable and professional people. This training class was excellent – I only wish I had taken it sooner.”