Helping You Solve Cases Through Cellular Data

At Hawk Analytics, we help you extract rapid answers and compelling visual evidence from call detail records and location-based data.

Our CellHawk Software as a Service (SaaS) boasts seven advanced analysis modes to help you solve more cases faster, and the results provide data integrity that holds up in court.


CellHawk also supports the every 15-minute cellular  & Facebook Pings  with Surveillance Mode and triggered email alerts...


...and if the service provider isn't listed, we have you covered with our generic uploader templates. 

Ingest any record with a date and timestamp, incoming and outgoing numbers, and or geo-location data!


Our software is used to extract rapid answers and compelling visual evidence from call detail records (CDRs) and location-based data.


Our trainings are designed to instill confidence. We will provide you with an in-depth explanation of cellular technology, its data, and how to effectively use it in your case analysis.


Our customers have successfully analyzed thousands of cases with the help of our staff’s 150+ years of combined cellular industry and law enforcement experience.

Customer Testimonials

Mike Smithey, Detective, Iowa City Police Department

“Your product has changed literally everything about how we investigate major cases and I think it is important that others figure it out as well.”

Detective, Texas

“We just made some arrests for capital murder which your software was crucial in proving.”

Digital Forensics Investigator, Omaha (NE) Police Department

“We have been using CellHawk for about four years now. In short, the tool is excellent. You are able to quickly load thousands of records through a simple drag and drop and begin filtering. It is not limited to just CDR’s as it will handle GPS records from other companies (think Google) and their customer service is excellent.”

Mark Pfoff, Forensic Cellular Technology Expert & Owner, Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics

“Any application you use to plot CDRs could be challenged in court; CellHawk follows recognized best practices and will hold up under scrutiny.”

Detective, California

“We use CellHawk all the time, probably one of the most valuable tools we have in investigations.”

Marcelo Molfino, Chief Criminal Investigator, Jefferson County (TX) District Attorney's Office

“CellHawk made this murder case. It’s a high-profile case that would not have been solved without your product.”


We are experienced law enforcement and cellular industry experts who understand your needs. Our software is the foundation of our service offerings and will help you solve more cases.

    CellHawk is a full analysis tool that goes beyond call detail record mapping.  Take your investigation to the next level with our seven unique analysis options.

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    The Hawk Toolbox is a resource for anyone who works in cellular investigations. Get access to a free phone look-up tool, legal process templates, reference library, carrier information, news & events, CellHawk support and more.

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