I am amazed at the simple use and speed of Cellhawk.  I was manually mapping and what I could do in days, Cellhawk does in seconds. And, the customer service is the best I’ve ever had when an issue arises (never with the software but with the formatting of the different CDR’s).


CellHawk makes our processes significantly faster and helps us to be more efficient.  There is a lot less sitting around waiting for things to load, which we always greatly appreciate … it is a great product.

Crime AnalystWisconsin

I missed the training you provided our agency but am finding the program easy to work around and the Help Guide has been great in getting me where I needed to be. The maps I was able to produce look great and we just used them this morning in a court hearing that went very well.



I have found many new leads in a high profile homicide case by using CellHawk. It has certainly proved to make my job easier and opened my eyes to different ways to look at CDRs.

Crime AnalystFlorida

We used CellHawk on a year-old cold case and it helped us find the body of our missing person.


Wanted to let you know that my court testimony went well.  We got all of the CellHawk demonstrative evidence in without a glitch.  Very few questions by the Defense, which is always a good sign.


We would have never found those boys without your help. Thank you.

CaptainNorth Carolina

Over the past 10 years I have tried every method I could find to try to make my life easier when dealing with phone records.  CellHawk is very well thought out and the display tools are all I have imagined I should be able to do with CDRs.  I would recommend anyone that works with cellular records try out CellHawk.  You will be impressed.



CellHawk has worked to link 3 homicides together from 3 different counties across the state.


I just wanted to touch base with you on how things are going with CellHawk. After a marathon interview with the suspect we were able to get a confession and unfortunately locate the body.


CellHawk helped get a three-hour interview out of a gang member who would not stop talking …

DetectiveLos Angeles, California

Just wanted to let you know, first case we used CellHawk to analyze records, we made an arrest after using the records to corroborate information we had before.  Thanks a lot. Love the software.


We just made some arrests for capital murder which your software was crucial in proving.