Thank you for scheduling your tutorial of CellHawk.  On the date you selected, we can load your first case together in your 30-day free trial account.

To ensure you have all the records needed for the case, please upload all of the files to my secured Dropbox file uploader HERE, or you can email them to tom@hawkanalytics.comPlease include all the files you received from the carrier, as well as all of the cell site lists.

Please be sure to have your case file handy as we will need to plot specific locations/addresses on the map related to your case.  Specific times of interest will also be needed.

Please be sure to invite any leadership and coworkers that would benefit from learning more about CellHawk.  I look forward to showing you how CellHawk will literally change the way you investigate your cases!

See you (virtually) on the date and time selected!

Tom Bruce, Cmdr. (ret)
Hawk Analytics, Inc. | CellHawk 

Director of Sales – Law Enforcement
(469) 373-HAWK (4295) ext 703 (PST)