Tom Bruce, Cmdr. (ret)
Hawk Analytics, Inc. | CellHawk 
Director of Sales – Law Enforcement
(469) 373-HAWK (4295) ext 703 (PST)

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Load Your Case Tutorial

Scheduling an appointment with me is your pathway to receiving a 30-day free trial of CellHawk.   Scheduling is simple.  You pick the best date and time that fits your schedule and my calendar is automatically updated.

The on-line meeting will run about one hour.  Once on the meeting I will show you all the features of CellHawk, walk you through the process of loading your case and navigating around to get answers out of the records, and perhaps even provide you with new leads to chase or even solve your crime!

Not ready to schedule a tutorial?  No problem – Click here to schedule a personal meeting with me to chat further and to answer any of your questions, or you just can call me at (469) 373-4295, ext. 703.

I look forward to meeting you (virtually) and showing you the power of CellHawk!