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CellHawk was originally created out of a desire to help people find their missing loved ones.  It quickly morphed into a full-blown company helping thousands of municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  No one wants to spend time editing or reformatting spreadsheets, and with CellHawk, you won’t have to.  Simply drag and drop your CDRs into our program and in minutes gain valuable and visual representation of call details.  Produce more leads and solve more crime.

CellHawk has been updated with several new and exciting features!  A few of the more significant enhancements are support for mapping of real-time location pings and GPS data lists.

Support For Real-Time Location Pings – Support has been added to map and analyze real-time pings from cellular carriers.  Pings received via email can be forwarded to CellHawk and will be automatically inserted into your case.

Support For Pen-Link Real-Time Location Ping Export – An export of real-time pings from Pen-Link can also now be uploaded into CellHawk and inserted into your case.

Support for GPS Data Lists – Greater support has been added to map files that contain GPS locations.  This feature can be used for data files obtained from slap-on GPS trackers, Google Location History, or even cell phone forensic files from applications like Cellebrite or Secure View.  Plot your target’s CDR along with the actual location-based device data files, all on the same map!

Special Offerings…

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