CellHawk Right-Click Feature


Several features exist in CellHawk which were designed to make your job much easier.  One such example is the right-click feature.  When working on a mapped record, hover over the target number and right-click.  You will see several options:


The Edit option allows you to make changes to the phone settings such as display, color and filter values.  With display settings you can identify a specific description for the target phone, change the sector antenna radius or switch to edge lines, and adjust the styles (e.g. line opacity, fill opacity and line width).  You can also change the color of all records or change the color based on a date range.  This helps to highlight specific data.

Adding filters is also easy.  You can hide certain records (voice, SMS/MMS, data, other), or show either outgoing, incoming routing or unknown records.  This is helpful if only interested in seeing specific data.

Another great feature to help narrow your search is the date range filter.  You can set the range to tighten in on the specific date and time of the crime, or based on known date and time ranges of interest.


The Reports option produces nicely organized and easy-to-read, graphical reports:  Phone Summary; Record Detail; and, Upload Report.

The Phone Summary Report provides you with phone and upload details, top inbound and outbound calls, and most frequently used cell locations by tower number, and cell locations for the first and last calls each day, providing you with a good indicator where your bad guy lays their head at night.  Nice looking graphical maps are also provided.

The Record Detail Report provides you with phone and upload details, top inbound and outbound calls, and a detailed list of all CDRs.

The Upload Report provides you with a summary of the upload process.  Provided are the file details, cell site details, any time adjustments made by you, a summary of calls with invalid dates and times and with or without locations data, and any warning and/or error information.

If you want to print any of these reports simply right-click again to print.  These reports are great to attach to a crime report, provide to the prosecutor, show your bosses, and display in Court for all to see.  Some of these reports could be many pages long so be forewarned if you print.


The Export option allows you to export the record to either Excel or Google Earth.  Did you receive an AT&T SCAMP record in text and PDF format?  No problem – this feature allows you to transform the CDR into an Excel spreadsheet with ease, giving you even more flexibility.

The Google Earth export option allows you to create a KML file that can be shared with others that don’t have access to CellHawk, providing them with visualization of the CDR.

Watch for our next quarter newsletter for even more “Did you Know?…” tips and tricks.