King Co. Sheriff’s Office

Det. John Pavlovich


We are happy to kick off our Hawk Newsletter with a great Customer Spotlight coming from the King County, Washington Sheriff’s Office.  This case involved a drug deal gone bad, resulting in a robbery/homicide that occurred in SeaTac, a suburb of Seattle.  The crime occurred in March of 2013 and the case agent was Detective John Pavlovich.  The case recently went to trial and the suspect was convicted on all charges.

The case involved the suspect who traveled from California to Seattle to sell Percocet and OxyContin and was introduced to the eventual victim through a mutual acquaintance.  During the negotiations over price, the suspect produced a handgun and shot both the victim and one of the victim’s friends who just happened by after a pick-up basketball game.  The friend was shot in the head and killed and the initial victim, also shot in the head, fortunately survived, but was critically injured.  The mutual acquaintance of the suspect, feeling like he was going to be shot next, ran out the house leaving his cell phone behind on the counter.

A search of the acquaintance’s cell phone revealed two cell phone numbers:  One number he used to coordinate the deal with the California suspect; and, the second number was the suspect’s true private cell phone number used to talk with family and friends.

Right after the shooting, the suspect attempted to find the acquaintance by making three cell phone calls (from what we will call the murder phone) to the acquaintance and then shut that phone down, going back to his family and friends cell phone.  Upon his quick return to California, the suspect got yet another cell phone, which was eventually located when he was arrested in Los Angeles 10 days after the crime.

Detective Pavlovich obtained CDRs for the phone used to set up the deal and eventual murder, the same phone which was subsequently shut down (murder phone), the suspect’s regular cell phone used to talk to family and friends, the suspect’s third cell phone activated after the murder, the mutual acquaintance’s cell phone, and the surviving victim’s cell phone.

Utilizing CellHawk and its powerful cell tower mapping capabilities, Detective Pavlovich was able to reproduce very nice maps for inclusion into a PowerPoint presentation that clearly showed the suspect’s movement to and from Los Angeles and Seattle during the time of the murder.  Detective Pavlovich also showed the cell tower the suspect connected to, which was a mere three blocks from the victim’s residence at the time of the murder.  Detective Pavlovich further utilized the animation feature of CellHawk to create a nice time-lapse video presentation of the progression of all cell phones related to the crime.

Using CellHawk’s Link Analysis feature, Detective Pavlovich produced several link charts showing the commonality between all three suspect cell phones.  The suspect was even stupid enough to use his murder phone to call his brother and wife, as their numbers were common in all three of his cell phones, linking him to the murder phone.  The CellHawk Link Analysis feature also demonstrated the links between the murder phone and the mutual acquaintance.

During the trial, Detective Pavlovich testified to his investigative work and how CellHawk actually worked and helped to produce factual evidence in this case.  After the suspect was found guilty on all charges, the judge commented to the prosecutor and Detective Pavlovich about how the CellHawk presentations were very informative and made it easy to understand the connections between all cell phones in the case.

Detective Pavlovich said, “I was a big believer of CellHawk before this trial, and am even more so now.  It is very easy to understand and use.”

Hawk Analytics congratulates Detective Pavlovich on the inaugural Customer Spotlight and for a job well done.  The Hawk team truly appreciates the value of our software when we learn of these great cases and how CellHawk is instrumental in putting bad guys behind bars.