The Story Behind
Hawk Analytics


Hawk Analytics president, Mike Melson, worked in the cellular industry as an engineer and was also a volunteer for a large California Sheriff’s department.  Mike and his wife Bridget also founded a non-profit organization to help law enforcement and families of missing persons.  After helping on several missing person cases where Call Detail Records (CDRs) were involved, It quickly became clear to Mike law enforcement needed a better way to decipher and map CDRs.

With his programming and technical background, Mike set out to develop a tool to process CDRs. It had to be simple to use – one with which every investigator could produce results.  It needed to be extremely efficient and one which would ultimately assist in solving more crimes.  It needed to produce useful visual reports investigators or prosecutors could bring into court and admit as evidence in a case.  The software also had to be easy for the lay-person to read and easy for a jury to understand.  As a result, CellHawk was born.

To date, CellHawk has been used to process over 82 million CDRs.  The company continues to hear from many investigators about how CellHawk was instrumental, if not critical, in helping to solve significant cases, including murders, human-trafficking, armed robberies, kidnappings, child exploitation and molestation;  The list goes on.  CellHawk has even helped in many critical missing persons cases. CellHawk has helped to stop the victimization of children and reunite loved ones.

When Mike is not hard at work improving and fine-tuning the many features of CellHawk, he and his wife run the non-profit organization.  This organization assists law enforcement with exigent situations and cell phone location analysis for families of missing persons – all at no cost.  He and the organization are always glad to help out in these situations.  Feel free to refer Hawk services to those agencies working exigent cases.

CellHawk customers are top priority, which is why we ask for your feedback.  Let Hawk know what you think by taking this short survey.  Future customers are also encouraged to take the survey.  No personal information is obtained and your responses are anonymous.

Hawk Analytics would like to personally thank all of our current and future customers for your continued support.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hawk Team for any of your investigative needs.