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Within the law enforcement community, CellHawk is a trusted, leading product for quickly, easily, and accurately interpreting cell phone Call Detail Records. The company behind the software, Hawk Analytics, Inc., is comprised of industry professionals who continually work to ensure the high quality of our software, as well as each customer interaction – from training a new user to supporting active casework, is above reproach. Our company core values speak to this high level of perfection:

Integrity and Honesty – Being ethically unyielding and uncompromisingly honest
Passion and Purpose – Doing what we do because we believe it can make a difference
Customer Support – Recognizing that without successful, happy customers we won’t succeed
Customer Value – Consistently focusing on delivering solutions that add real value

We value each and every customer and truly appreciate your continued business and support!



Recent Updates to CellHawk Include:

Cellebrite: Improved support and drag-n-drop for Cellebrite’s Call Log & Location reports generated using UFED Reader

T-Mobile: T-Mobile revised their Mediations Report in the last few weeks. CellHawk has been updated to recognize and process this revision.

Sprint records which utilize Airave technology are now supported.

Verizon: RTT drag-n-drop now automatically inserts switch column.

Generic GPS Data: Enhanced customization options

…be on the lookout for upcoming enhanced analytical features!


…AND CellHawk is not just for CDR’s

Users can upload data from…
Tower Dumps
Uber and Lyft Location Records
GPS Slap-On and Bait Trackers
Ankle Bracelets
Land-Line Toll Records
and even Geo-Coded RMS Crime Data!

Contact Support to Learn More…
469-373-HAWK (4295) option 1
(Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm Central Time)

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Cellular Technology, Mapping & Analysis

CellHawk Product Training

Kansas City, Kansas

August 28th – 30th, 2017

Kansas City Kansas PD Training Academy

Register today by visiting our website at www.hawkanalytics.com/training
contact the Hawk Training Team at training@hawkanalytics.com

What recent attendees had to say about Hawk training classes:

“Excellent course explaining how the cell technology works and how calls are handled, to include the nuances in CDRs.  I have a much better understanding of things and can testify with confidence about the picture the CDRs paint.”

“Overall great class.  Learned a lot and appreciate the constant reminder of their [Hawk Analytics] willingness to assist on casework.”

“Great class, great company, amazing product and outstanding support!  Truly thank you for your genuine service!”

Host a Class:  Does your agency have a training room?  If so your agency can host a class and get FREE seats!  For more information email the Hawk Training Team!

– 2017 EVENTS –

Stop by one of the upcoming events and say hi to the Hawk Team and see what’s new!

National Technical Investigators Association Conference
Tampa, FL
July 15th – 21st

Crimes Against Children Conference

Dallas, TX

August 8th – 10th

International Association of Crime Analysts Conference

New Orleans, LA

September 11th – 15th

International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference

Philadelphia, PA

October 21st – 24th

California Peace Officers’ Association – COPSWEST

Palm Springs, CA

October 30th – November 1st

Southeastern Homicide Investigators Association

Dallas, TX

November 13th – 17th


Our customers are a part of the Hawk family and at Hawk Analytics, Inc., we feel it’s important for you to know the people you speak with on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on the high caliber and professionalism of our employees.

One of our members of the leadership team is our Director of Customer Success, Nicole Poser. She started with Hawk Analytics in September of 2016. Her background is rooted in the criminal justice and intelligence fields.  Nicole served the Wisconsin Army National Guard as a Military Police officer from 2002 to 2010.  Afterward, she earned her Master’s degree in 2010 from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Criminal Justice Program.

Her intelligence career began at the North Central (previously the Milwaukee) High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. She worked there for 7 years supporting complex drug conspiracy investigations before moving on to her next position.

She was hired as the first Intelligence Analyst with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s, Special Investigations Unit. There she supported a variety of criminal investigations using the CellHawk software. She worked closely with investigators and attorneys, and testified as an expert witness to her cellular analysis work products.

Throughout her career, Nicole has instructed and written training material on cellular technology, intelligence processes, cellular technology use in criminal investigations, and testifying to cellular technology work products in court.  In 2014 Nicole co-founded and became the first Vice President of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Analyst Network (WILEAN), the state’s first organized intelligence/crime analyst association.

As Hawk Analytics Director of Customer Success, she is passionate about ensuring users get the most out of their data using CellHawk and making certain Hawk Analytics is there for customers through the entire case process – before analysis by offering high quality training programs, during by ensuring thorough, complete and timely customer support, and after to the logical conclusion of the case.

We welcome Nicole to the leadership team at Hawk Analytics.  Below is her contact information if you ever need to reach her.




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