– JANUARY 2018 –

Looking back at 2017, we here at Hawk Analytics would like to say “thank you” for an amazing year.  We built relationships with wonderful people and assisted in solving hundreds of cases that allowed for children to be found and families to receive closure.

Our Hawk team will continue to ensure the highest quality product and customer success.  From training new users to assisting on active cases, we guarantee the best service will be provided whether you are a current customer or not.  Our company values are built on passion and purpose because we believe in doing what is right in order to make a difference.

We value each and every one of you and thank you for your continued support ofCellHawk.  We look forward to building even more relationships this upcoming year and adding new organizations to the long list of those we so proudly serve!



Recently, CellHawk installed new features that when used to their full potential can identify new leads that were unable to be seen before!

One of these new features is to filter by accuracy range size with NELOS records.

When you obtain NELOS records from AT&T, some of the accuracy metrics may have the phone within a 10,000 meter range, which is not very helpful at all.

Investigators and analysts can filter by the size of the accuracy range when looking at records to ONLY show records with accuracy ranges that provide more value (900 – 1,000 meters). This can provide a better idea of where the phone is located without having invaluable data wasting your time.

Simply right click on the record and navigate to the filter tab to find the accuracy filter. There you can adjust the accuracy range in order to find the answers you need without the clutter!

All of our users will always run the latest version of CellHawk.  There is never any software to update or associated fees for new features!

…be on the lookout for upcoming enhanced analytical features!




Are you new to CellHawk or in need of CellHawk refresher training? Do you want to hear about the latest CellHawk features and news?

The Hawk Training Team is conducting FREE new user/refresher training webinars every other Friday!

We will cover all the features of CellHawk and show it in action with a real-life case study. Various file formats and new features will also be covered.

Sharpen your investigative skills or learn new ones. An opportunity will be provided to ask questions of our staff, and a certificate of completion will be provided.

This is a recurring webinar, and each session has a 50-seat capacity so book your seat now.


Essex County DA’s Office Receives Guilty Plea to a Multi-State ATM Burglary Ring

We are happy to kick off our 2018 Hawk Newsletter with a great Case of the Quarter coming from the Massachusetts State Police and the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. The investigation began in October 2015 after a report from the Mansfield (MA) Police Department of a burglary that occurred at an Apple retail store. Trooper Mike Murphy, the Massachusetts State Police Gang Unit and numerous other local departments in the New England area investigated the 10 month long case. Assistant District Attorney Phillip Mallard then prosecuted the case.  Through their tireless work three men were connected to a multi-state burglary enterprise and subsequently charged and pled guilty to multiple counts of larceny, breaking and entering, conspiracy, and receiving stolen property.

In October 2015 officers from the Mansfield (MA) Police Department responded to an Apple retail store (Simply Mac) to find a hole cut in a neighboring business that led into the Simply Mac store. The break-in was very sophisticated to where the suspects dismantled the video and alarm systems so that police wouldn’t respond. Since they could operate their burglary without the worry of a police response, the suspects stole a total of $119,000 worth of Apple products and were able to get away.

While the burglary was organized and sophisticated, one of the suspects did make a mistake; they linked their own phone number to some of the stolen products.

Later the next year in March, officers in Wellesley, MA responded to a store at 2 a.m. where the same suspects from Mansfield were committing a burglary. The suspects were unable to complete their burglary and evaded police; however, police were able to identify the two vehicles the suspects used to get away. One of these vehicles was registered to one of the suspect’s Apple ID address and the name of his significant other. Fingerprints were recovered from the crime scene that confirmed that a second suspect was also at the scene. Both suspects were on probation and their information was obtained by investigators, including their personal phone numbers.

Utilizing CellHawk and its powerful cell site mapping capabilities, Trooper Murphy and ADA Mallard obtained phone records for each suspect’s phone number that resulted in over 400,000 records. To complete the analysis manually would have taken weeks, or possibly months.  But with the power of CellHawk, investigators were able to analyze and map the suspects movements in minutes!

Investigators looked at their pattern of life and noticed irregularities in their movements that were consistent with the two previous break-ins. Investigators contacted those agencies to inquire about any possible burglaries in that area. With CellHawk’s precise and accurate interpretation of the Call Detail Records (CDRs), investigators were able to connect the men to thirteen burglaries and attempted burglaries of ATMs and commercial businesses.

Mr. Mallard stated the suspects were “disciplined enough” to turn off their cell phones while committing their crimes, but they left their phones on during their scouting trips and could be seen on surveillance video “casing” the stores.

ADA Mallard took the evidence that was mapped by CellHawk and presented it in court.  It depicted the movements of the suspects through the animation of their phones. The visualization and power of the evidence overwhelmed the defendants to where they had to plead guilty.

Investigators were able to seize over $82,000 in currency, a 9mm firearm, tools, and half a dozen vehicles that were purchased with stolen money.

Hawk Analytics congratulates ADA Mallard, Trooper Mike Murphy and the numerous other departments for a job well done. The Hawk team truly appreciates the value of our software when we learn of these great cases and how CellHawk is instrumental in putting bad guys behind bars.

See the attached MEDIA RELEASE by the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

If you have a case that you would like featured in our newsletter contact us

– 2018 EVENTS –

Stop by one of the upcoming events and say hi to the Hawk Team and see what’s new!

California Homicide Investigators Association Conference

Las Vegas, NV

February 27th – March 1st, 2018

California Police Chiefs Conference

Long Beach, CA

March 18th – March 22nd, 2018

International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

Anaheim, CA

April 9th – April 12th, 2018

International Association of Crime Analysts

Newport Beach, CA

September 17th -September 21st, 2018

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Orlando, FL

October 6th – October 9th, 2018


Our customers are a part of the Hawk family and we feel it’s important for you to know the people you speak with on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on the high caliber and professionalism of our employees.

One of our members is Nick Barker, Manager of Marketing. Nick earned a B.S. in Public Safety and Security with a focus in Law Enforcement Intelligence from the prestigious Florida State University.

During his senior year at FSU he was hired on with the Florida Highway Patrol as a Crime Intelligence Technician (CIT). As a CIT, Nick was tasked with working with a team to utilize a state-of-the-art facial recognition software program to identify criminal offenders who were illegally using innocent victims’ identities to hide from law enforcement. Through his efforts dozens of known felons were taken off the streets.

After approximately six months as a CIT, the Florida Highway Patrol promoted Nick to a full-time Crime Intelligence Analyst. Nick was part of an elite team of analysts that assisted major and complex cases all throughout the state. He was tasked with cases such as identity fraud, stolen vehicles, and human trafficking.  Investigators from all over the state called on Nick daily for his analytical expertise and knowledge.

After his time with the Florida Highway Patrol, Nick was hired as a Crime Analyst with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department in Georgia. As a Crime Analyst, Nick was in charge of the agencies’ tactical and strategic analysis as well as assisting all of the units within the PD.

In his work as an analyst, Nick was a user of the CellHawk software and assisted in many cases in Athens-Clarke County as well as other jurisdictions. He was requested for analytical work products regarding cellular analysis from many different agencies that led to the convictions of countless suspects.

Due to his excellent work Nick won Employee of the Quarter and the Chief’s Leadership and Innovation in Policing Award for his participation in an elite task force that took down the largest commercial burglary organization in the state of Georgia.

Nick is now the Marketing Manager of Hawk Analytics. Hawk Analytic’s flagship product,CellHawk, combines cell phone industry experience with an understanding of an investigator’s needs. The result is an easy-to-use system for rapidly mapping, analyzing and presenting historical cell phone call detail records (CDRs).

We welcome Nick to the leadership team at Hawk Analytics. Below is his contact information if you ever need to reach him.





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