Hawk Analytics knows your cases don’t always just involve traditional call detail records. Specialized location records can play a big part in creating a case and enhancing your analysis. Less excel work, more case work!

In this newest release you will find:

  • Support for Google Location History returns
  • Support for Uber Location  returns
  • Support for T-Mobile UMTS TrueCall files
  • Support for T-Mobile LTE TrueCall files
  • Support for T-Mobile GSM Cell Site List (as downloaded from NDCAC)
  • Support for T-Mobile UMTS Cell Site List (as downloaded from NDCAC)

All of our users always run the latest version of CellHawk – Never any software to update or associated fees for new features!

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CellHawk and the Opioid Crisis

Do you have an opioid crisis occurring in your jurisdiction? Are you finding overdosed victims and not knowing the sources of where they are getting their drugs? Try using CellHawk to fight the crisis!

Whenever you find a victim who has overdosed on drugs, use our search warrant template through Support@Hawk and submit it to their provider. Be sure to ask for at least 60-90 days worth of CDRs. What you are wanting to find out is who your victim was in contact with over the previous few months in order to identify who sold them the drugs. When you find your next victim obtain the same amount of records and upload them into the same case as the first victim. Open up the link analysis tool and see if there are any common phone numbers called between the two victim phones. Do this with every victim you find and you can quickly find common phone numbers called between different victims which can lead to you apprehending drug dealers.

There are several agencies who use CellHawk that are utilizing this method to fight the crisis in their cities. If you have any questions on how to do this you can always contact our support staff by emailing

If you are not a CellHawk user and have an opioid crisis in your jurisdiction please contact us to get a 30-day free trial. Schedule your tutorial HERE and we will assist you in finding answers you desperately need!


The Importance of Using a Preservation Letter

Many times in investigations, investigators will ask the providers for specialized reports such as PCMD, RTT, TrueCall, and NELOS. But sometimes the probable cause for a search warrant hasn’t been developed until weeks or months after the crime has been committed. By that time, some of these reports will no longer be available to you. These specialized reports have been key in solving crimes when the normal CDRs did not provide much value. That is why it is extremely important when a suspect phone number has been identified to send the preservation letter to their carrier as soon as possible.

Here are some examples of record retention schedules from the providers:

AT&T NELOS: 90 days

Sprint PCMD (LTE/EVDO): 10 – 14 days

Sprint PCMD (Voice): 90 days

T-Mobile TrueCall: 90 days

US Cellular RTT Data: 3 days

Verizon RTT Data: 8 days

Verizon SMS Content: 3 – 5 days

Here at CellHawk we make getting a preservation letter written simple! Visit our free resource Support@Hawk and search the phone number you are interested in. We will identify the carrier and then click on the preservation letter template. The language for the carriers to retain the data will automatically be generated and you will only have to input a start date and end date. In minutes you can have this generated for your case and save valuable data!


Carroll County (MD) Sheriff’s Office Uses CellHawk to Solve Two Armed Bank Robberies 

In December 2016 two armed bank robberies occurred in the towns of Hagerstown, MD and Westminster, MD. The two locations that were robbed were approximately 50 miles apart. From looking at the video evidence investigators saw that the suspect brandished a firearm and was wearing a ski mask to conceal their identity. After the robbery, the suspect fled the area in a vehicle that investigators believed to be a rental. The rental car company was contacted and was able to identify the rental agreement for the vehicle which included the phone number of the subject who rented the vehicle.

Sgt. Jeff Schuster of the Westminster Police Department obtained search warrants for the Call Detail Records of the suspect phone and submitted them to T-Mobile. Once they were returned, Investigator Mike Dougherty of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Cellular Investigation Unit was able to take the thousands of records that were returned and immediately uploaded them to CellHawk. Within minutes, Investigator Dougherty was able to determine that cell phone was in the immediate area of both robberies during the time of the crimes.

Since investigators asked for more than just one day of records, they were also able to determine that the phone was also at both locations the day prior to the robberies. Investigators were able to articulate to a judge that these were planned robberies. By using CellHawk, investigators were able to quickly get an arrest warrant for the suspect. In November 2017 the suspect plead guilty to armed robbery and was sentenced to 25 years.

“Had this agency not invested in CellHawk the mapping that took minutes would have taken days. The quick, and accurate, analysis led to a rapid arrest in this case. In addition, the records indicated that the suspect was actively engaged in the surveillance of other possible target locations at the time of his arrest. We are confident that the use of CellHawk was instrumental in the timely arrest of the suspect and prevented additional crimes.”

– Investigator Michael Dougherty, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office

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Our customers are a part of the Hawk family and we feel it’s important for you to know the people you speak with on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on the high caliber and professionalism of our employees. One of our members is Curtis Summers, our Senior Software Developer.

Curtis attended Baylor University where he earned his degree in Computer Science. During his career, Curtis has spent 20+ years of experience building software solutions for higher education, the oil and gas industry, small businesses, and high-tech startups. He specializes in databases, geospatial/mapping technologies, and web application development.

Now, Curtis is the primary software developer on our team. Curtis is responsible for the day to day maintenance of CellHawk and ensuring that it is always operating at max ability so that our users are able to work their cases. With Curtis’ extensive knowledge and expertise, he has been instrumental in the recent updates within the CellHawk software. He is definitely one of our top “brains behind the operation!”

Let’s all say welcome to Mr. Curtis Summers!





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