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The Hawk Team are no strangers to cellular service provider call detail records (CDRs).  In fact the Hawk Team consists of cellular and software engineers and former members of local, state and federal law enforcement organizations.  Combined we have over 100 years of law enforcement experience.

We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with the latest information related to mapping and analyzing CDRs and current investigative techniques and casework strategies.  We will be reviewing the different types of records available, case studies, how to prepare your case for filing and introduction into evidence, testifying to your work product, and the capabilities and What’s New in CellHawk.

Read, listen and watch as we share our knowledge and expertise, and interview others from the law enforcement community, criminal justice system, and private sector.  Hear from industry experts and well-respected colleagues from around the country.  Learn new skills or freshen up on those skills already defined.

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Thanksgiving Day Miracle!

A 70-year-old man left his home in Cupertino, CA. for a drive to the mountains looking for a place to go on a walk.  Two hours later he called his family to tell them he was lost.  After not hearing from him again and repeated calls going to his voicemail, the family reported him missing to the San Mateo County (CA) Sheriff’s Office.  An all-out effort was launched to find the missing man and the Critical Response Team from Hawk Analytics was activated.


Operation Finding Paradise!

Nov. 8, 2018, is a date that will remain etched in the memories of many Californians.  The community of Paradise, CA. and surrounding cities will never be the same.  The “Camp Fire” incident, as it is known to first responders, is the worst California wildland-urban interface fire to date.

The “Camp Fire” started at 6:33am, and when it was all said and done, more than 153K acres were burned, nearly 16K structures incinerated, and the worst of it, 85 civilian fatalities had been discovered and there are still people unaccounted for.  By day two, more than 1K people were reported missing.  In a unified effort, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and Paradise Police Department set out to account for every one of those missing persons.

By using tower dump call detail records, and with the assistance of the Critical Response Team from Hawk Analytics, many of those people were eventually located.


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