Hawk Analytics Testifys to Murder Case in Fauquier County

Credit: Fauquier Times

From Crime to Courtroom

Fauquier County Murder Conviction

This week, the Fauquier County District Attorney’s in Virginia requested the assistance of Hawk Analytics to testify in a murder trial that consisted of over 60,000 CDRs that spanned over three months.

The defendant, Mr. Bernard Duse Jr., was charged with the murder of his CVS supervisor last year. Investigators found the victim murdered at the CVS store with his phone missing from his possession. When Duse was interviewed he claimed that he was nowhere near the crime scene and was not involved.

CDRs were obtained for Mr. Duse’s phone number and Mike was able to analyze the records in CellHawk and within seconds see that Mr. Duse’s phone had traveled to the CVS store on the night of the murder. This was the same route that he would use to travel to work; however, he was not scheduled to work that night.

Mike also analyzed the CDRs for the victim and found an anomaly in his pattern of life. On the night of the murder, the victim’s phone left the area of the crime scene at the same time as the phone belonging to Duse and traveled to the area of Duse’s home. Based off of the speed and locations of the phones Mike was able to articulate that it was highly likely that the phones were traveling together which directly contradicted the claims by Duse. It was clear that this was not a normal travel pattern for the victim’s phone based off of the previous three months of CDRs.

After a few hours of deliberation, the jury found Mr. Duse guilty of 1st-degree murder. Mike’s testimony played a vital part of the trial in obtaining justice for the victim and his family.

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