CellHawk Product Training Class

Course Evaluation

Please take a couple minutes to complete this class evaluation. Your feedback is important to us.  Please provided detailed responses for the open-ended questions.

The training was well organized.
The training sessions were relevant to my needs.
The presenter(s) were well prepared.
The presenter(s) were receptive to comments and questions.
The exercises / labs helped me to learn the material.
There was enough time to cover all material.
The training enhanced my knowledge and skills.
The training facilities were adequate.
I would recommend this training course to a colleague.
What part of the training was the most useful?
What part of the training was the least useful?
What information / topics should be added to future sessions?
The technical level of the material covered in the course was?  (select one)
Please provide any other comments:

Thank you for completing this course evaluation.