CellHawk’s Ping Listener

  • View pings in real-time.
  • Display incoming pings in any timezone.
  • Set alerts based off of distance from a point or geozone.
  • View the location of pings directly from your email inbox.
  • Map auto-refreshes to the location of the new ping.

Are you tracking phones with live pings? Wish it was easier to quickly map them and get answers?

Now it is with CellHawk’s Ping Listener!

CellHawk 3.4 includes a major upgrade to our Ping Listener to allow investigators to spend more time chasing phones instead of building maps. Read about our newest features!

Surveillance Mode

  • Auto Refresh: See the newest ping centered in the map without ever interacting with the keyboard or mouse – no need to manually refresh anymore.
  • Email Alerts: Set entry/exit email alerts based on a specific distance from a location or by a GeoZone. Alerts are emailed to one or many email addresses when your target phone is on the move. Click on the hyperlink in the email for a quick-view map with the most current target phone location along with the accuracy radius.
  • Alert Tone: Turn ON an Alert Tone “ping” which triggers each time a new ping arrives, providing you an immediate notification to direct your focus to your CellHawk screen.

Auto Timezone Adjustment

  • Set a specified timezone for your live pings.
  • Set either your local time zone or the time zone where the target phone is located
  • No more incorrect time off-sets – view ping in local time.