CellHawk Enhanced Analytics Release

  • Frequency Analysis
  • Heat Map Analysis
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Custom Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Filtering

Are you not getting enough information out of your CDRs? Are you spending too much time in excel creating pivot tables and building charts and graphs?

With CellHawk’s Enhanced Analytics release, this information is just a few clicks away!

Frequency Analysis

Wish you could see more than just the top 10 phone numbers and cell site locations? Now you can see all of them! Dive deeper than ever before into the data and find information that you weren’t able to see before. Identify the most used cell sites revealing a target phone’s home tower or where they sleep at night while also revealing more suspects, friends, and family. Right-click ANY phone number to receive subscriber/carrier information and have a search warrant instantly generated.

Heat Map Analysis

Get an even clearer understanding of the phone’s pattern of life with the new Heat Map Analysis tool. Identify spikes by day and time and when your target phone communicates with outside numbers which can lead to you finding more suspects! You can filter this chart as many ways as you want such as:

  • Hour by Day
  • Day by Hour
  • Outside Number by Day
  • Outside Number by Hour
  • Location by Day
  • Location by Hour
  • Custom Filtering

Timeline Analysis

With our new Timeline Analysis tool, you can quickly visualize a target phone’s pattern of life like never before. Instantly see the phone’s behavior and identify any irregularities that may be of use in your investigation. Input multiple phone numbers and easily see how they align with one another and if they share any common phone calls. Quickly see how a phone behaves before, during, and after a crime to get a clear picture of your target phone’s activity thus creating a powerful courtroom presentation.

Not a CellHawk User?

If you aren’t a CellHawk user and would like to see these analytics used for a case of your own, contact us to start your 30-day free trial. Upload as many cases as you wish and find leads that you never were able to see before!