Hawk Talk

Myths and Realities of Cell Site Coverage Areas


10am – 11am (CST)

150 seat capacity

Do you want to know how call detail records are generating cell site location information?
Are you interested in an in-depth presentation about cell site and sector representation?
Have you ever wondered what the coverage area of a cell site and sector really is?

THE Hawk Analytics Expert will answer these questions and more in a live webinar!

Join your colleagues from across the country in this FREE, one-hour webinar.  Learn firsthand the technology behind your records and best practices for mapping & analyzing cell site location information.  Sharpen your skills or learn new ones.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from the creator of CellHawk, and President & CEO of Hawk Analytics, Inc. Mr. Mike Melson.  An opportunity will be provided to ask questions, and a certificate of completion will be provided.

Registration is simple.  Select your time zone to the right then pick the date & time you would like to attend.  Enter your information and submit.  You will receive an email with the confirmation and details of your booking.

Only four dates scheduled.  Don’t miss this limited time offer and register now to attend!