CellHawk 3
Now Uncovering Even More Cell Phone
Evidence for Law Enforcement

CellHawk 3

The Answers You Need From Call Detail Records (CDRs)

Was the suspect NEAR
the crime scene?

the suspect at 5 AM?

WHO did
the suspect call?

CellHawk 3

Proven Results

"During the preliminary hearing, the suspect saw the maps, jumped up and yelled, 'I WANT TO PLEAD GUILTY!' "

Detective, California USA

"Thanks to CellHawk, we made two arrests in a case that was about to be dismissed."

Investigator, District Attorney's Office, California USA

"CellHawk helped a ton. It allowed us to put the pressure on the suspect and get a confession."

Detective, Indiana USA

Cell Phone Mapping

Map and analyze calls from all major cell phone carriers. All common file formats supported including Sprint Reveal and Verizon RTT.

Interactive Animation

Play a cell phone’s “track” showing it’s movement over time.  Play multiple phones at once.

Statistical Analysis

Automated stats and maps show where a cell phone spends the majority of its time and is located at the beginning and end of each day.

CellHawk - Hot Product 2014Extract rapid answers and compelling visual evidence from cell phone call detail records.